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2023 Jilin University - Cambridge University Tutorial Programme Held Successfully

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To make full use of the global high quality education resources, promote students training internationalization, promote our teaching and world-class colleges and research cooperation, and cultivate a broad international vision, understand the international rules, internationally competitive high-quality talents, Jilin university and Cambridge university in November 2022 to February 2023 jointly organized "Jilin University - Cambridge University Tutorial Programme".

The project was launched online through the zoom platform and was taught by the teaching team of Cambridge University, covering three academic directions: philosophy, sociology and psychology.  On November 28,2022, the project introduced the project, approach and requirements to the students. On January 3,2023, the project entered into group teaching in the form of 2 hours of weekly in-group course teaching and academic discussion. The project participants are divided into three different academic directions, and the discussion topics are formulated by the tutor and the student interests. Students need to carefully study the references listed by the tutor in the plan in advance, prepare relevant questions and feedback, and participate in the discussion on time. During this period, each student union submits three to four academic research plans, and the supervisor will correct and annotate them in the next few weeks.

The project finished on February 27,2023, and each student needs to deliver academic essay in English for feedback assessment. On the one hand, the students spoke highly of the feedback of this project, believing that it was of great help to the improvement of their academic quality, so that the students could have further plans for the next study. On the other hand, they were also very grateful to several professors, colleges and project teaching assistants for their hard work.

After the interweaving of ideas and the collision of sparks, the 2-month course teaching, the academic and challenging cultivation program was successfully concluded. The success of this project has not only expanded the students' international vision, stimulated their confidence in the academic path, and further promoted the cooperation between Jilin University and Cambridge University.