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2023 Jilin University - Cambridge University - Imperial College London Academic Programme Held Successfully

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In order to develop first-class philosophy disciplines, enhance students' international competitiveness, our college launched the "Jilin University - Cambridge University - Imperial College London Academic Programme" in October 2022, which came to a successful conclusion on February 16, 2023.

This programme aims at improving students 'academic writing ability, cultivate students' critical thinking, and promote the international development of innovation. By our students actively registration, this programme in January 2023, lasted 1.5 months, DR Mark Perkins and DR Helal Ahmed through online platform with our 41 students launched 11 academic lectures with full content and fascinating technique, which is about"academic writing" ,"academic lecture", "critical reading and writing"and other academic topics.


Under the guidance of the professor and the teaching assistant of this project , our students with positive learning attitude have been brainstorming in groups during 6 weeks. On February 16, 2023, they completed graduation appraisal report from philosophy, sociology and psychology ,and got praise from university of Cambridge and imperial university of the faculty team.


In the last lecture of the two professors, our students were reluctant to part and said that they had gained a lot. On the one hand, they believe that the development of such activities is very important for the improvement of my scientific research accomplishment and academic growth. On the other hand, they also express their heartfelt thanks to the teachers of our college, the project teachers and the two professors for their careful and hard work!



This programme is an extensive and in-depth communication with the world-class university. For a month and a half, this programme contributes to 41students academic road with the university of Cambridge and imperial college of the depth of cooperation.And it provides inspiration and reference for our students, improve students 'academic accomplishment, broaden students' international vision and promote the development of innovation.