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2023 Jilin University - University of Oxford Tutorial Programme Held Successfully

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In order to develop a first-class discipline in philosophy and cultivate high-quality talents with international perspectives, knowledge, and competitiveness, our college utilizes global high-quality educational resources to hold the "Jilin University - University of Oxford Tutorial Programme" from February to April 2023.


This programme is launched online through Zoom and provided by the teaching group of Oxford, covering three academic directions: philosophy, sociology, and psychology. After the process of student registration, college selection, and project interviews, a total of 15 students from our college participated in this programme.

The programme includes four pilot classes, seven Tutorials, and three Academic Support Meetings. Among them, the pilot courses help students to have a preliminary understanding of the relevant information of this course, and help them improve their presentation skills and academic reading abilities; Tutorials require students to read all required materials on the syllabus before each tutorial, then write a weekly summary or complete problems for each tutorial to discuss with the tutor in class, so as to continuously deepen their understanding of classic literature; Academic Support Meetings with an Academic Support Tutor help the students prepare for their assessments and improve on the feedback received from their main tutors.

In the middle of the course, students select themes for assessments, and tutors give feedback on students' performance. At the end of the course, students submit English academic papers, and tutors carefully review and evaluate each student's paper. After the course, the students actively fill out a feedback questionnaire to the tutors, and express sincere gratitude for the support and efforts of the tutors, the college, and the programme team. At this point, the academic tutorial programme has been successfully completed.

This academic tutorial programme has further promoted the cooperation between Jilin University and University of Oxford and broadened the students' horizons. During the programme, the small groups support students to improve their academic and expression abilities in a targeted manner, which greatly help students to enhance academic confidence and firm their academic ideals. This academic tutorial programme has achieved significant results in enhancing the international competitiveness of our students and promoting our academic innovation and development.