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2022 Jilin University - Cambridge University Tutorial Programme Held Successfully

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In order to develop an outstanding subject in philosophy and cultivate high-quality elites with international vision and international competitiveness, college launched a five-week online course named “Jilin University - Cambridge University Tutorial Programmein 2022 which means to enhance studentsinternational competitiveness and innovative practical ability.

This project is provided by the lecturer group of Cambridge University. It includes epistemology, philosophy of science and social policy. After student registration, college selection and project trials, five undergraduates and four graduate students participated in this project.

This project includes one introduction course, five mentor courses and two public courses. After the ice-breaking of the introduction course, the students were divided into three groups according to their personal academic interests and directions, and began their five-week mentor courses. Although they can 't communicate with the professor face to face, with the help of the Internet and the conference platform, the students still gained a good interactive experience and participation satisfaction. The three professors organized the courseware and reading materials before each class and sent them to the course assistant, so that students could prepare in advance and review the classroom content after class. In the critical thinking and reading courses, students interacted actively with Professor Helal, answered the professor's questions efficiently and accurately, and conducted group discussions as required. In the humorous language taught by Helal, students gained a deeper understanding of the role of critical thinking in academic works.

The project ends with an assessment course. Students prepared a 15-minute display according to their own interests and the content of classroom learning, and had 5 minutes of professor questioning time. The students chose rich topics and fluent expressions, and had received unanimous praise from the professors. After the completion of the project, the students gave a positive evaluation of the project as a whole. They thought that the content of the project course was very valuable, and the communication with the professors was very meaningful. They not only improved their English abilities, but also improved their expression ability, logical ability and academic ability.

This project not only enriched the studentshorizons, but also expanded the studentsinternational vision. Through the special way of teaching, it effectively improved the personal academic ability and further improves the international competitiveness and innovative practical ability of our students.