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一、工作坊主题1Initiatives atUniversity of Kentucky to develop self-regulated Students

    主讲人:Rita Basuray

    主讲内容:This workshop will start with an explanation of the steps taken at theCollege of Arts and Sciences (A&S) of the University of Kentucky (UK) toidentify and then help freshmen students who are overwhelmed by many demands ofCollege. Do students know how to study? Are they putting enough effort tounderstand assigned topics? Does collaborative-learning help? What can we do tocultivate self-motivated students? Are theoretical measures of learning (exams)better than practical measures of learning (hands-on application exercises)?Then, based on results of a survey sent to JLU teachers, we will break-up intoteams to identify JLU teacher’s needs and concerns. Finally, I will seekcollaborations with JLU teachers to expand questions raised at A&S/UK andanalyze if our concerns and solutions across the globe are similar ordifferent.

    二、工作坊主题2Creating high performance student teams in a collaborative environment

    主讲人:Scott Yost

    主讲内容:The topic tends to be moreteaming and project based learning, with collaborative learning as a way tofill in the knowledge gaps. Let me give you context. Every semester I do a 2-3hour workshop with the graduating seniors on the first day of their finalsemester.  The goal of this workshop isto give the students a “push” toward establishing a high performing team.  Our capstone design course is a projectbased, team based, collaborative learning environment.  In fact I did a mini version of this workshopin my JLU class two years ago and I plan to do it again this time as well.  The students at JLU found it to be one of thehighlights of the class.  The course isnot strictly collaborative learning (in the strict definition), but it apartnership of guided instruction (as needed by the instructor), team andproject based learning (to complete the semester long design project), andcollaborative learning (filling in the knowledge gaps).

So during the workshop we dothe following:

Establish teams

Define teaming and projectbased learning

Identify characteristics ofhigh performance teams

Perform various teambuilding activities (to establish student bonding and develop trust)

Students createaccountability policies and layout collaborative expectations

Effective team communication,perceptions and realities

The workshop is about 1/3 information,and 2/3 hands on activities to illustrate principals and bonding.   Through these activities, which I have beendoing for about 10 years, we actually have a paper and data that shows howstudents working in a productive collaboration and team environment cancollectively outperform the best individual of the team.








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