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Academic exchanges at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (9)

author: Zhang Qingyulan Date: 2023-11-03 View:

As a student of the philosophy department at Jilin University, I had the esteemed privilege to participate in the Jilin-Rutgers philosophy academic program. This enriching 16-days adventure has significantly broadened my intellectual horizons and provided me with invaluable international experiences.

Despite the extensive theoretical knowledge I had accumulated throughout my own studies, it was through communications with others. I realized the eminence of interpersonal interaction. The critical thinking exercises, theoretical role-plays, and situational case studies we carried out together were like peering into a window of a open world. It was a paradisiac confluence of group and individuals, something I felt was a crucial ignoring piece in my academic journey until this trip. The immersive environment allowed me to dive deep into understanding the fine differences of philosophical thought at an international level. And I was glad to see philosophy's significance across different sphere - politics, law, science and religion, mind, ethics, and even language.

Moreover, when talking about people, I felt fortunate enough to gain the platform to get to connect with people from various cultures. Conversing with professors of diverse intellectual backgrounds provided me with a colorful palette of advanced knowledge and their impression of global philosophical intersections, trends, and applications. Collaboratively exploring philosophical concepts with them has broadened my mind and made me more receptive to different viewpoints. I have also realized the potential of philosophy in bridging cultural and political gaps, contributing a more inclusive global understanding.

Another crucial aspect of my learning was the emphasis on critical thinking and argumentative skills. During this program, my critical thinking capacity has been greatly improved, making me more proficient in analyzing and constructing logical arguments. This will, undeniably, serve me well in my future academic and professional pursuits, as these are highly sought-after skills in the global arena.

In afterschool time, we also had some trips around the campus. Participation in a total different cultural college life also left me with a fresh feeling. The art museum and local company we visited also enriched my knowledge, let me know more about other aspects beyond academy.

In summary, the Jilin-Rutgers program was a truly rewarding experience. It has provided me with a fresh global perspective, reinforced my practical critical reasoning skills, and most importantly, empowered me with global competitiveness. I am eager to use the knowledge and exposure gained through this experience to contribute positively towards my academic study ever before.