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Call for Papers丨"China Studies Program" Doctoral Workshop: Dialogue Between Sinology and Philosophy

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"China Studies Program" Doctoral Workshop:

Dialogue Between Sinology and Philosophy


Call for Papers



25-26 March 2023

Jilin University






School of Philosophy and Sociology, Jilin University

Center for Language Education and Cooperation



Workshop Theme: Dialogue between Sinology and Philosophy


What benefits can Chinese thought and wisdom provide to the current research of philosophy through cultural resources? What inspiration and reference can international Sinology research provide for our research on Chinese philosophy? Additionally, how can we utilize and integrate these cultural resources reasonably? In order to thoroughly explore these topics, we will conduct a dialogue between Sinology research and philosophical research in the form of academic workshops, build a platform for young researchers in related fields to deliver "speech", and invite outstanding Chinese and foreign scholars. We cordially invite PhD students and senior master’s students to participate. Topics for submission include, but are not limited to the following:


  1. 海外国家及地区的汉学或中国学(特别是有关中国哲学)研究Research on Sinology or Chinese studies (especially Chinese philosophy) in countries and regions outside of China

  2. 中国典籍的海外传播及影响研究Research on the overseas dissemination and influence of Chinese classics

  3. 海外汉学著作在中国哲学界的译介情况研究Research on and translations of sinologists’ works by the Chinese language philosophy community

  4. 中西方比较哲学研究Research on the comparison between Chinese and Western philosophy

  5. 重要哲学术语的中外互译研究Research on translating philosophical terms into Chinese and Western languages

  6. 明清来华传教士与中西文化的交流研究Research on the cultural exchanges between Western missionaries and Chinese scholars during the Ming and Qing dynasties

  7. 海外中国哲学教育及其与该国家或地区教育体系的融入研究Research on overseas Chinese philosophy education and its integration into the educational system of different countries or regions




Format of the Workshop and Prizes


  1. 论文宣读与讨论

  2. 相关领域专家点评指导

  3. 参与评奖


The format of the workshop will be a combination of in-person and online options, accommodating the circumstances of the pandemic. More information about the workshop venue and online options will be announced in the future. The workshop includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Student thesis presentations

  2. Professional feedback and guidance

  3. Award opportunities



The workshop committee will invite renowned scholars in related fields to review the submitted papers. The Committee will nominate six papers for the award.



Submission Requirements




The workshop accepts unpublished and original articles in both Chinese and English. If submitted in Chinese, it should follow the standard journal guidelines. If submitted in English, the submission should follow the Chicago style format. The main author should be a PhD student. If there are co-authors for the paper, approval must be obtained from the organization before submitting the paper. The article should be approximately 10,000 words (excluding footnotes). Second or third year master’s students are also welcome to join the workshop.

Please submit your paper in Pdf or Word document format via email to The file should be named as "title + name + major + contact information". The deadline for submission is December 30, 2022. Successful submissions will be announced on 1 March, 2023.


Contact Information


If you have any difficulties in submitting your article or questions related to the workshop, please contact